Flat Roof Specialists

offering great value for money

Flat Roof Specialists

offering great value for money

Flat Roof Specialists

The Perma-Flat-Roof System

Leaking flat roofs are problems. Puddles of water in the home, damage to ceilings, carpets wet and stained, an electrical shock hazard, wet rot to structural timbers, wet ineffective insulation, mould growth, poor home air quality and the list of problems goes on and on as problems and costs mount.

What's needed is a modern, fast and cost effective flat roof solution that everyone can afford.

Due to our successful and innovative flat roof solutions plus our top quality workmanship, we are the industry leaders in all aspects of flat roofing. We bring you low cost, high quality, permanent flat roofing solutions guaranteed to leave you leak free for decades to come.

Flat Roof Specialists

Why use us?

We are flat roof specialists offering great value for money and customer satisfaction.


A leaking roof cannot wait, our teams will install a complete roof system in typically one to two days.

Flexible and Seamless

We lay a complete roof coating that is very tough yet flexible so that it will not crack in either very cold or hot weather.

Low Cost

Our low prices and fantastic value for money will delight you for something so good as our Perma-Flat-Roof System.

Long Guarantee

We trust our products, our roof systems and our install teams that much that we are prepared to give a 20 year guarantee.

The Perma-Flat-Roof System

The Perma-Flat-Roof System

Our Perma-Flat-Roof System is a tough, flexible, UV resistant, water proof, seamless coating established using an advanced polyurea based elastomer coating system that has been perfected by years of research and development.

Elastomer solutions are far more advanced and superior than traditional coating systems and are maintenance free.

It is an ideal long term cost effective solution which solves the issue of a leaking flat roof far quicker and with less disruption than more conventional roofing systems.

We use only the highest quality, technically advanced construction products which have been produced in accordance with the strictest quality standards within the sector.

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