Flat Roof Solutions

Our Flat Roof Solutions

With our wealth of experience and know how we can renew all types of flat roofs. We can offer solutions to fit your budget giving you the best value for your money.

We will identify the current problem with your existing flat roof. Advising you of a schedule of required works and offer budget solutions depending on your investment objectives. We offer a 20 year company guarantee and we can also issue a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Our flat roof solutions include the following affordable and effective roof systems:

The Perma-Flat-Roof System

Our Permanent Flat Roof System is a tough, flexible, UV resistant, water proof, seamless coating based on an advanced polyurea elastomer coating system that has been perfected by years of research and development.

Elastomer solutions are far more advanced and superior than traditional coating systems and are maintenance free.

It is an ideal long term cost effective solution which solves the issue of a leaking flat roof far quicker and with less disruption than more conventional roofing systems.

We use only the highest quality, technically advanced construction products which have been produced in accordance with the strictest quality standards within the sector.

We offer a 20 year guarantee and a 10 year insurance backed guarantee we are that confidant with this product.

Permanent Flat Roof System
Traditional Felt Roofing

Traditional Felt Roofing

A traditional method of flat roofing and still commonly used is torched-on felt roofing. This system is also sometimes known as ‘built-up’ felt roofing comprising of 3 layers, 2 layers cross laid followed by a tough green mineral chipped top layer and is fully sealed and water-tight. We offer a 10 year guarantee.

GRP Fibreglass Roofing

GRP fibreglass roofing is applied directly to OSB roof boards by installing a base resin and fibreglass matting to the boarding, once part-cured the top coat can be applied to provide the finishing touches. As this roofing system is applied mainly as a resin, it provides a waterproof solution for virtually any size or shape of roof or structure – even where complex shapes are involved. GRP fibreglass roofing has many benefits for flat roofing, including:

  • Very tough and durable material that is laid without any seams or weak spots
  • Excellent guarantees
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • Easily applied, even to complex shapes and structures
GRP Fibreglass Roofing
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